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New translations for the Chinese Linotypes!

Posted on October 27, 2014 by Christi York | 0 comments

I've recently added a slew of new listings for the antique Chinese Linotype pendants. Please peruse under necklaces for immediate purchase. And also see the list below for a other ones that I have available but are not yet listed. Remember that the meaning of the characters can change depending on the context in which it is used - so many have more than one possible meaning. I say choose the meaning that resonates with you and never mind the rest!

 - to work

 - cane

 - an inch (measurement)

 - laughing sound

 - the cry in a weak voice

 - to borrow

 - niece

 - suddenly (for the first time)

 - crouching

 - letter; envelope

 - to answer in the affirmative

 - to stab

 - fall over; lie down

 - multiple (times)

 - old

 - next

 - world generation

 - the cry of (some) birds

 - to offer in worship; offerings

 - to faint

 - a hill/mound/grave

 - elder brother

 - ladle / spoon / arrowhead / dagger

 - power / force

 - strange / bizarre

 - assist / supplement

 - to entrust or to depend on

 - theatrical play

 - to lose or to neglect

 - winter

 - looks or appearance

 - up

 - other

 - deep; obscure; interior

 - labour / work

 - transformation

 - bend / flex

 - skill; ability; talent or trick

 - to sting; or to say repeatedly

 - concurrently; holds more than one job

 - of the same category or moral

 - relationship / order

 - bandit or robber

 - one thousandth

 - to stop; to stay; to anchor at

 - the condition or situation; to compare

 - factory or mill

 - to approve or to to permit; to fit

 - to arrange

 - the ridge of a hill

 - strict or stern; oppressive

 - ingenious; frivolous

 - a beginning; a limit; young

 - one / single / individual

 - minor government official or functionary


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