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The scoop on fall colour...

Posted on October 09, 2012 by Christi York | 0 comments

 When I look out my bedroom window at this time of year, the window frame is filled with these glorious colours . . .

Chestnut trees. Bright green and leafy in the summer, turning to rusty goodness in the fall.

I wonder how much waking up to this scene influences my colour choices on a daily basis. Muted earth tones, greens and browns...

I've noticed it's not just outside my window. It's also above my bed;

This painting lives above my bed  - it's by an amazing artist and (full disclosure) one of my bestest-friend Kellie Talbot.

We've had an unusual autumn here in Vancouver. Normally by by now we'd be squishing soggy unidentified masses of rainforest detritus underfoot whilst huddling under umbrellas. Instead, we have been treated to crunchy, crackling dry-as-a-bone flora. 

It's quite surreal.

The light this time of year is stunning. Cold, clear, piercing. Sunsets are resplendent.

I've noticed. And I've noticed I've been making these...

Oh - hello fall colours...

Antique whistle chain with natural patina. Reminds me of the colours in hydrangea blossoms.

I met a man, an antiques dealer. He specializes in selling whistles. Yup - whistles. And the original chains that the whistles used to come with. These bracelets feature some of that amazing chain.

I wove some silk ribbon through... 

I love them - hope you do too. 

($45.00 each - or scoop all three for a cool $125.00 + tax). Free shipping because I'm feeling all Thanksgiving-y.

Just shoot me a message through the "contact" button if you fancy them.

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