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Giveaway time!

Posted on May 28, 2015 by Christi York | 0 comments

So when I'm not making jewelry out of recycled and vintage materials, I enjoy ... making other things out of vintage and/or recycled materials. Hello my name is Christi and I'm obsessed.

Outside my studio at 1000 Parker Street in Vancouver is a treasure trove of recycling. There's 4 floors of artist studios, so when anyone is doing a clean up, stuff ends up on the shared loading dock outside. It seems that 9 times out of 10, someone brings said "stuff" back inside to re-use in a glorious circle of recycling.

There are a few upholstery businesses in the building and I have found lovely roll ends of fabric out there - one of which ended up being my table cover for at least a year. (mmmm... tweed). My latest score was a couple of fabric sample books that had drop dead gorgeous fabrics in them. Like, high-end hotel, super-rich fancy people's kind of fabric. Even though the samples were pretty small, I grabbed them. The timing has coincided with the purchase of a new sewing machine in our household, and I couldn't pass up free fabric to practice with.


Most of the samples are about 1 foot square or less, not a lot to work with. But I have recently been on a mission to learn how to make zippered pouches after long admiring one in my possession made by Sugar and Candy. I thought these samples had just enough fabric to work into a smallish zip pouch. See the above for a very scientific photo taken purely for, erm, size comparison and no other reason. (Please note he is a larger than average, rather handsome cat).

When you do an internet search for "simple zippered pouch tutorial" you’ll turn up here's about a ga-zillion results. After sifting through those results, here's the posts that I actually ended up using.

I found this tutorial on So Sew Something. I immediately related to her easy, breezy style. (Direct quote "I rarely measure"- Yes, my kind of lady!) Because I'm working with random thrift store found zippers and weird odds & ends fabric, I can't rely on a pattern for consistent results. Also, eww, patterns.

Then I started to get a bit fancy and decided I wanted to make more complicated pouches so I turned to etsy. It has a treasure trove of sewers who will sell you a PDF sewing pattern of just about anything you can think of. 

I bought this tutorial from Projects by Jane. I found the instructions easy to follow and was stoked to learn how to add a wee strap to a zippered pouch.

Then I found Indigo Bird Design and immediately fell in love with her design aesthetic. I bought this boxy zip pouch tutorial  - again, very well laid out and easy to follow. I was excited to learn how to make those pretty, boxy edges I’d admired in other zippered pouches.

But now that I’ve got a huge pile of much smaller fabric samples to blow through, I’ve gone back to the original simple zippered pouch which I can now whip up like some kind of magic sewing wizzard.

Which brings me to . . . 

There seems to be a stash of extremely cute zippered pouches accumulating in our project room. Any friends who have visited the house recently have left with a "parting gift" of a zippered pouch. They may not have know that they wanted a zippered pouch upon arriving, oh but they left with one. 

So if I'm giving away these adorable lil pouches to my friends and family, why not give them away to my gorgeous, intelligent, faithful customers?! Right?!

Not all of them are perfect, some have a slightly wonky character. But they are all adorable, recycled, lined and you can, you know, put stuff in them!

All summer long (or until I run out of fabric): With any purchase from either my website (in Canadian $) or my Etsy site (in US $) you will receive one FREE adorable lil' recycled fabric zippered pouch!

I will select a random cutie, but if you have a colour preference, let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen.

Each piece of jewelry will come wrapped in tissue in it's own separate organza gift bag inside the zippered pouch. Just in case you are buying the jewelry as a gift and want to keep the pouch for yourself (shhhhh... I won't tell).

What will you keep inside your zippered pouch?

I love making these and am happy to share them now that I know how to make them easily. But I know soon that creative itch will need scratching and I will be looking towards expanding my repertoire. Maybe one day I can tackle some bigger projects - but in the meantime if you need a majorly cute and well designed bag - check out Paco and Lupe, my new handmade handbag crush.

UPDATE: A friend turned me on to on the very dangerous Purl Bee website! Not only do they have amaze-balls notions to buy, I found a very clear and concise (oh and FREE) zippered pouch tutorial

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