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Those Linotype pendants

Posted on January 31, 2015 by Christi York | 0 comments

I get a lot of curious questions about the vintage Linotype pendants. This documentary answers most of those questions! 

If you have any interest in history, technology, literacy, newspapers, printing, fonts, design, computers, and you know, life - I can't recommend this documentary enough!


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New translations for the Chinese Linotypes!

Posted on October 27, 2014 by Christi York | 0 comments

I've recently added a slew of new listings for the antique Chinese Linotype pendants. Please peruse under necklaces for immediate purchase. And also see the list below for a other ones that I have available but are not yet listed. Remember that the meaning of the characters can change depending on the context in which it is used - so many have more than one possible meaning. I say choose the meaning that resonates with you and never mind the rest!

 - to work

 - cane

 - an inch (measurement)

 - laughing sound

 - the cry in a weak voice

 - to borrow

 - niece

 - suddenly (for the first time)

 - crouching

 - letter; envelope

 - to answer in the affirmative

 - to stab

 - fall over; lie down

 - multiple (times)

 - old

 - next

 - world generation

 - the cry of (some) birds

 - to offer in worship; offerings

 - to faint

 - a hill/mound/grave

 - elder brother

 - ladle / spoon / arrowhead / dagger

 - power / force

 - strange / bizarre

 - assist / supplement

 - to entrust or to depend on

 - theatrical play

 - to lose or to neglect

 - winter

 - looks or appearance

 - up

 - other

 - deep; obscure; interior

 - labour / work

 - transformation

 - bend / flex

 - skill; ability; talent or trick

 - to sting; or to say repeatedly

 - concurrently; holds more than one job

 - of the same category or moral

 - relationship / order

 - bandit or robber

 - one thousandth

 - to stop; to stay; to anchor at

 - the condition or situation; to compare

 - factory or mill

 - to approve or to to permit; to fit

 - to arrange

 - the ridge of a hill

 - strict or stern; oppressive

 - ingenious; frivolous

 - a beginning; a limit; young

 - one / single / individual

 - minor government official or functionary


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