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Back from New York! (in the nick of time)

Posted on October 30, 2012 by Christi York | 1 comment

Whew! What a whirlwind trip to New York (pun intended). We had to cut our trip short and got out just in time before hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and shut down the airports. I am SO happy to be home, and glad that my friends in NYC are reporting that they are safe and sound.

The days leading up to our rapid departure were rather pleasant. Overcast, but extremely mild weather - perfect walking weather, which is my preferred way to get around in NYC.

I spent a glorious afternoon in my favourite vintage warehouse, digging through dusty boxes, lifting and moving dusty boxes, climbing over dusty boxes, breaking nails, getting poked by earring backs and brooch pins. Yes - I BLEED in order to find unique vintage pieces and create new jewelry for YOU!

My boyfriend asked, "This is fun for you?" My reply? Yes, it's my little slice of heaven.

This is just a hallway leading into one of the rooms. There's 4 rooms like this. Floor to ceiling boxes. Three to six boxes deep.

This is where the faux pearls live.

Rows of vintage Swarovski

Cute old packaging. Rhode Island used to be the "costume jewelry capitol of North America"

I spotted these old metal components and recognized them as unassembled pieces similar to my Secret Love Letter locket! On the left are the lids or "envelope flaps", on the right are the bodies yet to be bent into shape. 

I grabbed a few of these curved components because I thought they would make adorable "Peter Pan" collar necklaces.

Grabbed a few of these too. Love the original outline drawing!

I spent 3.5 hours doing my initial loop of the warehouse. By the time I got back round to the front, they had actually brought in MORE stock from their secret stash, so I spent another hour gleaning. All these new (old) pieces were in their original wooden drawers and crates - so awesome! This is an old-school, family run business, and I was happy to see and re-introduce myself to Carl, the patriarch and owner. The last time I was there was five years ago. Carl: "You're like the locusts, you come every 5 years". Classic. He was sweet enough to let me take a couple of the original wooden boxes home. I would have taken more if they had fit in my suitcase.

I snagged these lovely vintage skeleton key charms, the detail on both sides is incredible. Not like cheap, modern reproduction charms. Gorgeous vintage chandelier crystal chain in the background.

Back at the studio - some of the bounty laid out in all its glory. I got busy right away - see what I made last night?


I'll have plenty of new pieces for you at my winter markets in November and December. Come early for the best selection. Many pieces are one of a kind. Check the front page of my website for all the market listings (scroll down to the bottom). Hope to see your smiling faces over this season!

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