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So long Vancouver.

Posted on November 07, 2016 by Christi York | 0 comments

East Side Culture Crawl

November 17th to 20th, 2016.

Join me for the last event in my Vancouver studio!

204 - 1000 Parker St.

Last event in my studio? Yes indeed. We have made a big move . . .

I've been though lots of changes in the past 5 years. I met my husband, and I’ve moved 4 times.

The latest move is going to be the last one for a very long time. We bought a house. A first for both of us. I had a condo in Vancouver before, but this is … different. Really different. We chose to move to a small, (what some would consider remote) community on the east coast of an island on the west coast of Canada. Courtenay, for those of you who know the area.

I grew up at the very bottom is this Island, so for me it’s like a very small full circle. I was born in Vancouver, grew up in Victoria, moved to Vancouver, as an adult, and now, at (dare I say) middle age, moved back to the Island. 

I'll continue to create vintage & salvaged reworked jewelry, just at a slower pace. Sales will be though my website, and the very occasional market. So keep up with me here on this site, or on my Instagram or Facebook.

So long Vancouver, it's been fun!

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Summer in the studio...

Posted on July 03, 2013 by Christi York | 0 comments

Just a quick update to let you know I won't be doing any summer festivals this year. My next Vancouver market won't be until November. In the meantime, I'll be stocking up all my lovely retail stores with lots of fun, colourful summer goodies. I've added new retail stores in Victoria, Regina and Edmonton - so be sure to check out the updated list of retailers here

In addition, I've set up my studio space as a summer showroom. If you want to drop by and do some personal shopping, just drop me a line and we can set up a time! Bring a girlfriend (or boyfriend)! I can always customize a piece while you wait, to make it perfect just for you.

Happy summer to every one!

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Culture Crawl - my first time!

Posted on November 16, 2012 by Christi York | 0 comments

I moved my studio into the 1000 Parker Street building earlier this year, so this will be my first year participating in the huge arts event known as the East Side Culture Crawl. If you've never been, it's time you did! Artists throw open the doors of their studios and embrace the public to take a peek inside their daily creative worlds. 

1000 Parker is merely one of the buildings involved in the Crawl - but it's the biggest. It's an old maze of a building, with something new to discover around every corner and on every floor.

Friday November 16th is opening night. There might be wine and some small snacks. Come on by and check out my new space!

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