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Antique Geometric Fossilized Jet Bead Necklace

These hand carved jet beads were salvaged off of a Victorian dress that was completely disintegrating. Each bead was carved over 100 years ago. It's amazing to me that these beads are so old, yet have a modern, geometric vibe that is so hot right now.

The material is Jet, which is either fossilized wood or fossilized bog-wood (not the French glass, imitation jet).

Jet became popular in the late 1800's as Queen Victoria's  mourning jewelry after her husband, Prince Albert died - she would not abide any other jewelry except black jewelry worn at her court.

It's amazing to me how something hand carved over 100 years ago can feel so contemporary when you mix it with the right materials. I've chosen modern glass geometric beads as the spacers and subtly textured sterling silver chain and clasp. The sterling silver wire curve is subtle, and adjustable.

Matching earrings here.

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