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Baltic Amber and Sterling Silver vintage pendant

These were handmade by professional silversmiths in the USA and they are now simply selling off their old stock since the company has gone out of business. These piece are considered "dead stock" or "old new stock", as they are true vintage, but never worn.

The original silversmith traipsed through Russia in the 60s, collecting pieces of genuine Baltic amber (considered to be the best quality amber in the world) to take back home with him to the USA. He and his apprentices then worked each piece into a unique sterling silver setting. No two are alike.

This stunning piece has gorgeous flecks throughout the chunk of amber. The backlit photograph on the all-white background shows this quite clearly.

Actual pendant is just about 1" long - almost 1.5" including the flexible bail. It has a lovely depth to it as well, a nice chunk of cherry amber set in a swirl of sterling.

Very solid and well made, this is an heirloom quality piece that will be enjoyed for years, and passed on. Classic design that will stand the test of time and trends. Marked .925 sterling silver.

I've hung this one on a sterling silver chain which has been darkened slightly to match the vintage hue of the pendant. Comes with a 16" chain, but let me know if you'd prefer a different length. 18" and 20" are other popular choices.


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