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Braids and Bones Earrings; red

I salvaged these vintage, hand made bone beads from a warehouse in New York that originally imported them from India in the 1970s. Well the 70s are back, and these beads are hot again! Think bohemian beach wear, linen summer dresses and big straw summer hats.

I've strung these vintage bone beads on twisted, tarnish free brass wire, then hammered it flat in some areas for great texture and visual interest. But hammering the wire also has the effect of stiffening it. Still - be "common sense" careful with them (don't sit on them, or toss them in the bottom of your bag for a week, for example).

Hung from gorgeous textured 12k gold filled ear wires. They call these "no slip" ear wires; I don't know about all that - I just love the texture.

Vintage red glass beads set off the larger hand carved bone bead in the centre. Over all they are super light and breezy.

Hang just about 2.75" long in total. These would look great paired with summer whites and a big sunhat at the beach or poolside.

There is a smaller, silver version available too.

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