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Simple silver feather aluminum cuff.

This cuff manages to be both bold and clean. Statement, yet simple.
I found a stash of these vintage silver plate feather stampings in a vintage warehouse in New York.

I've altered the feather by lightly sanded back the charm so just a wee bit of the original brass shows through the silver-plating. Please note: the only colours on the leaf charm are brass and silver, the green-ish colour showing up in the photos is just an odd colour reflection.

The leaf is riveted securely to a hand aged aluminum bracelet cuff and then hand-shaped into an elegant curve that is adjustable. Everyone marvels at how very light it is and comfortable to wear. All edges are sanded to a smooth finish and the corners are rounded.

Fits a wide variety of wrists - I've had both tiny ladies and larger dudes both buy this size cuff.

Flat, the aluminum base measured 6." long by 1" wide. Please remember to use a gentle touch when re-sizing the cuff; multiple, small pulsing adjustments rather than one big heave-ho.

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