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Dainty filigree patina cuff ll

For those ladies who prefer a daintier cuff - meet this lovely, vaguely bohemian one of a kind cuff.
All of the filigrees are vintage, made in the USA sometime between 1940 to 1960. I've added the patina finish for a subtle hint of vintage colour, then spray sealed with a matte finish for protection.
The filigrees are then riveted securely to a hand aged brass bracelet cuff with complimentary brass rivets and then hand-shaped into an elegant curve that is adjustable. I sand the aged finish down in some places to a nice vintage brass shine, in a finish reminiscent of an antique piece. All edges are sanded to a smooth finish and the corners are rounded.
Fits a wide variety of wrists - I've had both tiny ladies and larger dudes both buy this size cuff.
Flat, the aluminum base measured 6" long by .5" wide. Please remember to use a gentle touch when re-sizing the cuff; multiple, small pulsing adjustments rather than one big heave-ho.

Your new cuff will arrive enclosed in a kraft box with custom branding.

*** Please note the last photo shows another cuff available for the same size and price, but this listing is only for the ONE cuff shown in detail here.

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