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Gold leaf Greco-Roman cuff. One of a kind.

Tough rocker chic and Greco-Roman god meet in this ornate one of a kind cuff.
The vintage ornamental ormolu silver plated leaf came from an old manufacturer on the East Coast of the USA, circa 1960s.
I have wrestled the leaf into place on a hand aged & textured aluminum cuff base and riveted it solidly. I then added touches of gold leaf to the, er, leaf. Please note it's not real gold, but rather a copper/zinc alloy. Gold leaf refers to the laborious process of painting adhesive, then laying the tissue-thin gold leaf on, then burnishing and sealing.
Width: 1.5"
Totally one of a kind.
Your new cuff will arrive enclosed in a kraft box with custom branding.
These cuffs are hand-shaped into an elegant curve that is adjustable. All edges are sanded to a smooth finish and the corners are rounded.
The ormolu is stiff, please use a gentle touch when re-sizing the cuff; multiple, small adjustments rather than one big heave-ho.
or·mo·lu (ôrm-l)
1. Any of several copper and zinc or tin alloys resembling gold or silver in appearance and used to ornament furniture, moldings, architectural details, and jewelry.
2. An imitation of gold.
[French or moulu : or, gold (from Old French; see or3) + obsolete French molu, past participle of moudre, to grind up (from Old French, from Latin molere; see mel- in Indo-European roots).]

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