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Jet and Black escutcheon necklace - OAK

What is an escutcheon? A fancy word for a keyhole plate. I've used a real vintage escutcheon as the centrepiece on this eye-catching necklace. 

Dangling from the painted black keyhole plate is an antique hand carved bead made from real jet from the 1800's. 

The word "jet" is used to describe the colour black, and is often used to describe black glass beads from the 1920's/30's - but this is the real deal!  True jet is made from fossilized coal or bog wood. It was very popular in the late 1800's as it was used in Victorian mourning jewelry. Queen Victoria popularized this “black amber" after the death of her beloved Prince Albert.

Jet is very easy to carve but it is difficult to create detail without breaking so it takes some time for learning and executing more elaborate carving. These original Jet beads came from a long strand with carved Jet beads of varying sizes. It was bought from a reputable Antiques dealer who guaranteed it is real jet.

The escutcheon hangs from a lovely crystal taken from a broken 1950's era beaded necklace. Another crystal from that necklace dangles down from the back hook closure. Even the brass figaro chain is vintage. The only new pieces on this necklace are the wires used for wrapping and the hook closure. 

 Crystal,  escutcheon and jet bead all hang about 7cm long (2.75"), and the chain is 16" with up to another 2" extender. Fully adjustable.

 Truly one of a kind! 


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