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Patina Leaf Charm Curved Necklace

I'm using the last of my stash of vintage leaf charms gleaned from a warehouse in the old fashion district of New York city to create this design.

I have enough to make about 12 of these gorgeous, eye catching (yet still dainty) necklaces.

The leaf stampings were found flat, then I curve the stems to make them into charms, then hand patina and spray seal them for protection.

Arranged in a sweet curve on adorable twisted wire, and separated by faceted glass beads which adds a bit of modern flair to the Victorian vibe. The curve is slightly adjustable too - you can move it into more of a curve or less.

Hung on high quality pure bronze chain that has been aged (darkened slightly) to fit the vintage vibe. This aging will not "rub off" on your skin, in fact the more you wear the chain, the nicer it shines up due to the natural oils on your skin.

You can choose 18" or 20" - each length comes with an extender chain giving you about an extra 1.5" to play with.

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