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Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace (Marianas Trench)

A little while back, one of my skeleton key necklaces was chosen as one of the main props in a Marianas Trench video. You can read about the detail in my blog post, if you like.

Each skeleton key necklace I make is totally unique and a work of art unto itself. I use authentic vintage components, each key is hand chosen for it's character. (you can walk into Urban Outfitters or H&M and see a "skeleton key" necklace, but it's a reproduction - not a real vintage key).

This key is a delicious flavour of rust, tidied up just enough and sprayed with a light matte finish for protection. I've added three charming charms, a vintage locket, new brass swallow, and a vintage crystal from a circa 1950's necklace. The key is hanging from a vintage raw brass fob style clasp.

I've paired this key with my signature "patchwork" chain. Assembled from bits of vintage and new chain - including vintage glass rosary chain. All of the chain is new and nickel free. Nickel is a common metal allergy and I try to make sure all of my creations are nickel free.

Hangs 36" long in total. No clasp, simply slip it over your head. I can adjust the length if needed, at no charge.

Check out this one if you prefer silver tones.

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