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Skeleton Key Necklace (Marianas Trench)

A little while back, one of my skeleton key necklaces was chosen as one of the main props in a Marianas Trench video. You can read about the detail in my blog post, if you like.

Each skeleton key necklace I make is totally unique and a work of art unto itself. I use authentic vintage components in my work, each key is hand chosen for it's character. (you can walk into Urban Outfitters or H&M and see a "skeleton key" necklace, but it's a reproduction - not a real vintage key).

This lil' cutie is a vintage steel skeleton key with an ornate head which is slightly bent. You can imagine the original owner of said key trying to turn it in a lock and getting frustrated... trying it over and over and eventually bending the head of the key. Intriguing.

I've paired this key with my signature "patchwork" chain. Assembled from bits of vintage and new chain - including vintage black glass rosary chain and vintage crystal chain, all in silver tones. All of the silver tone chain is new and nickel free. Nickel is a common metal allergy and I try to make sure all of my creations are nickel free.

Hangs 36" long in total. No clasp, simply slip it over your head. I can adjust the length if needed, at no charge.

If you are looking for more of a brass-tone key, check out this one.

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