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Vintage Canadian Penny Necklace

A real Canadian penny from the past. Vintage, or in some cases antique (100 years old or older); these dated pennies are no longer considered valuable collectibles for various reasons (too common, date worn off, etc). So they are perfect to be recreated into lovely pendants sure to be a conversation starter.

I shine them up, drill them, and hang them from an interesting "fob" piece that suits the vintage vibe perfectly. 

Available in 3 lengths. 18" and 24" will come with a clasp and chain extender. The 32" length will not have a clasp, but rather a permanent wired accent bead closure, which makes for a nice alternative "lariat" style option (see second to last photo) if you choose (no unsightly clasp showing).

The most common dates I have are 1916 to 1919 - please let me know if you are looking for a specific date and I'll try my best to get it for you, otherwise I will choose a random date.

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