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Vintage Sterling Silver Victorian Oval Locket with Marcasite and Garnet

These authentic vintage lockets were made in the USA sometime between the 1940s to the 1970s. I'm only able to get my hands on them very occasionally, which makes them "one of a few."

Very solid and well made, this is an heirloom quality piece that will be enjoyed for years, and passed on. Classic design that will stand the test of time and trends. Marked .925 sterling silver on the back.

This locket was modelled after an open-face Victorian era design called a perfume locket. Victorian ladies would soak a piece of linen or cotton in perfume and wear it in this open-work locket so they could smell the pretty aroma all day.

As you can see from the hinge on the bottom this locket opens from the top. It is embellished with genuine Swiss marcasite and a real garnet stone in the centre.

You can see from the photos how nice and thick the sterling silver is - truly great quality. These were handmade by professional silversmiths in the USA and they are now simply selling off their old stock since the company has gone out of business. These piece are considered "dead stock" or "old new stock", as they are true vintage, but never worn.

Hung on a hand-oxidized (which means it's been darkened) sterling silver chain to match the vintage hue of the locket.

Actual locket is just about 1" long. Comes complete with a 16" length sterling chain. Let me know if you'd like it on a longer chain: 18" and 20" are other popular choices.

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