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Vintage metallic embroidery thread cuff: Stunning Silver

I love the textural contrast between the wrapped metallic thread and the altered aluminum cuff.

Vintage metallic embroidery thread has been whip-wrapped around a hand textured black anodized aluminum cuff base. This piece is one of my favourites, because you can see the variation in colour (due to aging) on the vintage metallic thread. It subtly ranges into golden tones and then back to silver.

The whip-wrap is an ancient seaman's knot tying technique, adapted here for much daintier purposes. Once the thread is wrapped in place, I use several layers of non-toxic sealant to keep it all in place and prevent fraying. This makes it water-resistant, but don't go wearing it in the shower or swimming!

The aluminum base makes it a nice, light piece to wear, also makes for a very adjustable form.

Anyone who loves texture, mixed media, textiles, and big bold jewelry will love this piece! 

Cuff width is 1.25". Length (when the cuff was flat) is 6".

*** Please note: the last photo shows how great the cuffs look when they are stacked up - but this listing is for the ONE cuff described above.

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