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Whistle Chain Bracelet

This great, everyday bracelet can be worn by men or women.

It's made with a selection of vintage whistle chains. What is whistle chain? Think old timey train conductors or British "bobbies" -  they all wore large, attention getting whistles and they all hung from this style of chain. How do I know this is actual whistle chain? I work with an antiques dealer who trades in nothing but antique whistles and chains. Yup - it's a thing!

Two strands of golden high brass chain surround a darker brass ladder chain. I've used my favourite, slightly nautical looking round brass ring clasp to finish.

This particular bracelet is just under 8.5" long. Please let me know if you'd like it longer or shorter and I can make it to your size at no extra charge.

Not sure of your wrist size? Take a piece of string, wrap it around your wrist so it's comfortable, mark it or cut it, then lay it flat against a ruler to measure. Or simply measure one of your favourite existing bracelets.

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